Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We got a new maid

Judson has an obsession with getting under the sink and pulling out soaps and other things that I have stolen from hotels. One of things under there was a shower cap. I thought it would be funny to see what he thought about the shower cap. As soon as I put it on, he decided he wanted to wear it really bad. He thought it was hilarious so I decided to snap a quick pic. It looks like we have him training for a career in bathroom management.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Little Stinker

We only took Judson to a few houses on Friday night, but I think he liked getting treats. He even made friends with a monkey along the way. The "monkey" was my brother's best friend's daughter, Delaney. She kept calling him "skunk", and he would follow her wherever she went. It was pretty funny to watch them together.

He doesn't look so sure about the skunk outfit his mother picked out for him.
Trying to get a picture with him and Delaney. He was more interested in riding his stick horse.

The heart says it all.

Enjoying a sucker with uncle Matt.