Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

It was fun to watch Judson get into Halloween this year. After about a month of dress rehearsals, Judson finally didn't get upset when I put him in his lion costume. By the big night, he was ready to hit the neighborhood with his candy bag. My friend, Kim, spent the weekend with us so she joined us on our wagon ride around the block. He had a blast going door to door and even held his bag out and said "trick-or-treat." I would have liked to have gotten more pictures, but in the process of taking pictures with my camera and with my phone, I stepped on my camera. It has now gone to camera heaven. (hint, hint, Santa!)

The first time he wore his costume.

Posing with his pumpkin bag.

Showing off the pumpkin aunt Glenda carved for him.

Practicing his "roar".