Saturday, December 27, 2008

Memorable Christmas

This Christmas will be one that we will never forget. Unfortunately for Jarrod, he will always have a scar to remember it by. He had to make a trip to the local doctor's office to get four stitches after cutting his finger with a knife. He was trying to get one of Judson's toys out of the box. Other than that little mishap, we had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Thursday wtih my parents, Friday at grandmother's house, and Saturday at my memaw's. Judson was a little more into it this year, and he got many new toys for me to pick up every night.

Checking out what Santa left him for Christmas.
Taking a break from opening presents at Gran Jan's.
Riding cars with Jackson.
Cousin Lauren put me in this fun sack.
This is the toy that daddy cut his finger on.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Micheal Phelps in training?

I guess we are going to skip the swimming lessons and go straight to Olympic training.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We got a new maid

Judson has an obsession with getting under the sink and pulling out soaps and other things that I have stolen from hotels. One of things under there was a shower cap. I thought it would be funny to see what he thought about the shower cap. As soon as I put it on, he decided he wanted to wear it really bad. He thought it was hilarious so I decided to snap a quick pic. It looks like we have him training for a career in bathroom management.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Little Stinker

We only took Judson to a few houses on Friday night, but I think he liked getting treats. He even made friends with a monkey along the way. The "monkey" was my brother's best friend's daughter, Delaney. She kept calling him "skunk", and he would follow her wherever she went. It was pretty funny to watch them together.

He doesn't look so sure about the skunk outfit his mother picked out for him.
Trying to get a picture with him and Delaney. He was more interested in riding his stick horse.

The heart says it all.

Enjoying a sucker with uncle Matt.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Festival and More

Last weekend we went to Dallas to watch Heather's cousin Drew play football. We went to see Joe, Jeff, and Beth for a few hours while we were there. This weekend, we had the fall festival at our church. Judson enjoyed playing with the kids and playing the games. His favorite was the fishing booth. His least favorite was getting his face painted.

Playing with Joe's toys
Eating Candy Corn

Showing off his spider that he won

Getting his face painted

Fishing with his poppa while eating goldfish

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Judson has been sick all weekend so we stayed home from church this morning. From the pictures below, you can tell that he is feeling much better. He decided that he needed to clean out mommy's cabinet and try on daddy's shirt. After these pics where taken, we took a little drive to keep us both from going stir crazy and to make sure that he didn't destroy anything else.

Pulling out all of mommy's placemats and napkins.

Deciding to try out the cabinet.

Giving mommy the sweet face so that she won't get mad at him.

For some reason, he wanted me to put Jarrod's Arkansas shirt on him. Maybe he was missing his daddy since he had to work. As you can see, he had a little trouble walking in it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Last Few Weeks

Judson has done a lot of growing up the last few weeks. He has finally gotten used to preschool, and his teachers say that he is a completely different child. He also has learned a few new "tricks" as you will see from the pictures below.

Not only does he like his bear, but he also loves his blanket. That one he gets from his daddy.

He stands up on everything including his high chair which makes feeding time a little difficult.

Bringing mommy her purse after I told him that we were going to go somewhere.

This is how we usually find his hair in the mornings. He gets his nappy hair from his daddy, too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Silly Boys

I went to Little Rock for the weekend and went to the game with Jeremy. Heather, Judson, Mom and Aunt Glenda came up on Sunday to hang out with Jackson. The boys are really starting to pay attention to each other now and they run wild all over the house. Here are a few pics of the boys being silly.

Judson carrying his golf club around the house. We had to duck tape the grips onto the clubs because they were falling apart.

Getting ready for duck season

I got some new decoys for Christmas last year and finally got around to rigging them up for duck season. Judson helped me get out all of the weights out of the box and also pulled all of the decoys out of the bag for me. He is such a great helper. It won't be long and he will be wanting to go with the guys hunting.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Unfortunately, my short time as a stay at home mom had to come to an end. It was my first day back to work and Judson's first day back to daycare. I am pretty sure I had a better day than he did. When I picked him up, his eyes were red and puffy from crying most of the day. He did take a nap there which was an improvement from last year. (I bet his teachers were glad when he went to sleep.) I wanted to get some pictures of him this morning, but, of course, we were running late. I snapped these two this afternoon. He looks like such a big boy with his backpack on.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bears and Baskets

Lately, Judson's favorite toy has been his bear. He has even started sleeping with it. In the mornings, he will not get out of bed unless he has his bear with him. Jarrod and I have also found something he will do that does not require us chasing him around the house. He loves to play in his toy basket. He will do this for like 10 minutes at a time which is a record for our little busy body.

Eating breakfast with his bear.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Outside Boy

Judson's favorite thing to do is to go outside. Right after he eats breakfast, he gets out of his high chair and goes to find some shoes. (He knows he has to have shoes on to go outside.) The other day he brought me his camoflage crocs that his grandmother bought him. After I put them on him, I had him pose for me to show them off. Unfortunately for his momma, after the picture was taken, we had to go outside in the wonderful South Arkansas heat. I can't wait for the fall.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

Judson and I went to my aunt's house in Dallas for the weekend. Judson did not like the pool too much and screamed most of the time that he was in there. He did enjoy visiting his family and playing with his cousins. As usual, he was the center of attention.

Clinging to mommy in the pool.

I'd rather play with these sticks than be in the pool.

Playing in cousin Lauren's bubbles.

Posing with his great-grandfather.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Judson's Birthday Party

We had Judson's birthday party on Saturday night. He wasn't very interested in his cake, but he did enjoy entertaining everyone. He also enjoyed all of his presents and couldn't wait for us to get them out of the boxes. We missed you Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melissa, and Cousin Jackson. When you come and visit next time, you will have to check out all of Judson's cool new toys.

Playing with his balloons.

Trying coke with his papaw.

Excited about opening his presents.

Hurry up and get this out of the box!

I would rather smile at everyone than eat my cake.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Judson!

We can't believe our little man is one year-old. Jarrod and I both could not love and adore one little person more than we do Judson. He makes us smile, laugh, and only sometimes get aggravated. ( Like when he bangs daddy's golf club on the tile floor. I keep telling myself one day he will be a little Phil.) It is so much fun to watch him grow and develop into his own person.

Cuddling with daddy on his first day home.

Posing for mommy at three weeks.

Crawling into the laundry basket over Christmas break.

Pulling out his toys after mommy put them up.

Showing mommy that he is a daddy's boy.