Monday, June 22, 2009

Judson's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Judson's 2nd birthday. We invited family and close friends over for barbeque and dirt cake. Since Judson's favorite thing to do these days is dig in the dirt, that was the theme of the party. He had been excited all week for his birthday party and couldn't wait for cousin Jackson to come. He enjoyed every minute of his party, and he ended the night muddy as usual.

Waiting for his party to start.
He was so excited when cousin Jackson arrived. All week he had been saying "Jackson come."

The dirt cake

Blowing out the candle on his birthday cake.

Showing off his muddy hands. Notice the dirt pile behind him. That is his favorite spot.


hannah said...

dear judson,

happy 2nd birthday! mom says it seems like just yesterday you were in your mommy's belly!

i LOVE your dirt hole. i would love to crawl face first in it. my favorite thing to do right now is crawl as fast as i can to get on ace's bed and rub my face all over his nasty dog hair. my mom goes nuts! she starts screaming, "no! no! no!" and i just laugh.

can't wait to meet you. we are coming into town on friday. do you and your mom have any plans? we'll come visit if you don't.

love, pratt.

Jeremy and Melissa said...

I had so much fun at your party! Digging in the dirt and playing in the pool was so much fun. I think our mommies had a good time watching us interact. I'm so glad that now we are both 2! Can't wait to play again soon.