Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Trip to the Beach

Jarrod and I decided to join Jeremy, Melissa, and Jackson on a last minute trip to the beach. We took the boys to Orange Beach and learned what it was like to vacation with toddlers. Melissa and I braved the trip down there with the boys by ourselves in their car. Thank the lord for DVD players! Judson introduced Jackson to Barney and I am pretty sure Melissa is hoping Jackson forgets about the big purple dinosaur. We made it with only a few minor meltdowns.

Once we got there, the boys loved being together. They enjoyed playing in the sand at the beach, being silly in the condo, and Jackson even convinced Judson to play in the pool a little bit. (He has been scared of the pool all summer.) It is so fun to watch these cousins grow up together.

On the way home, Melissa and I got smart and made the boys ride with Jarrod and Jeremy a little bit. I think they appreciated their quiet ride down there after that experience. All in all, the boys did great, and I think it was even relaxing for the adults as well. Judson was sad for our beach vacation to end. He has been asking for "Jackson" and the "condo" all day. Maybe next year, buddy!

Family picture on the beach
Being silly in the sand

The boys with their daddys

Finally getting in the pool.

Running away from us when we were trying to get family pictures

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Jeremy and Melissa said...

We had so much fun with you guys. Jackson has not mentioned the big purple dinosaur today, so I'm hoping he's already forgotten. :) He has been busy playing with ALL his toys in our house - I think he missed them all (at least he dragged them all out). I agree that the boys had a great time together and the adults did too. We each had some down time with our "date nights" and relaxing during naps and at night. Thanks for going with us. A very successful last-minute vacation! :)