Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Visit With Family

This weekend Jackson and Jeremy came to visit while Melissa was having her girl's weekend in Austin. Judson was looking forward to Jackson coming all week. He couldn't wait to play "tractors" and "trains" with him. The boys did enjoy playing together, and Judson got some much needed lessons on sharing. I took them to the Barn Sale on Saturday morning, and they did wonderful. They also got to see their favorite playmate, Aunt Glenda, and spend some time with Granny. Judson was sad to see Jackson go, but we look forward to our next visit!
Riding on their cars on Friday night.
"Fishing" in the bird bath.

Sweet Cousins

Jackson giving Judson a goodbye hug.


Jeremy and Melissa said...

Look at those precious boys! Heather and Jarrod - thank you so much for helping take care of Jackson (and Jeremy) this weekend. Jackson has been telling me tonight about how much fun he had with Aunt Heather, Uncle Jarrod and Judson (of course, listing all three of you). :) Hope you're not too worn out.


Jeremy said...

Thanks guys for the great weekend! You are the host and hostess with the mostest!!! Next time you guys have to all come up here and stay.